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WIP Images



I’ve been puzzling on how best to organise some code I need to write - the code that handles clouds. I’ve banged my head against the problem without coming up with a satisfactory solution, so I decided the best course of action was to take a break. Get away from the blank text editor that was taunting me.

I shuffled through my photographs of my last visit to the Caribbean, then painted some clouds based on the weather I had enjoyed. All very enjoyable procrastination - and then suddenly it stopped being procrastination as an epiphany struck my brain. So, a big “thank you” goes out to my subconscious for solving my coding problem while I enjoyed myself elsewhere.

Texture Atlas Failure

Pasted Graphic

Recently I’ve found my sprite classes had serious speed issues, and were becoming cumbersome to work with. They were some of the first classes I wrote when learning Unity and JavaScript. So this weekend I replaced them with a new optimised sprite class. One class just over a page long. Much less code, much faster routines, easier to work with and now I have support for texture atlases with cropped sprites. Which results in using less textures, less materials and less draw calls. It also means I can now take data direct from Zwoptex which means my workflow is faster. All that is left is to create a lovely interface to open the Zwoptex XML data and input that directly onto my objects. That’ll likely wait, though.

The above image is the result of my new sprite class on the Night Monster, but without the settings quite correct.

The Plague!


Just implemented a bunch of new features over the past two days. Plagues being one of them.

First Work In Progress (WIP) Screen Shot


Up until now I’ve kept my game an open secret, letting only close friends & family see (and play) it. But there comes a time when all children must find their own path out in the wide world. And so with pride, and some trepidation, I’m proud to present my first screenshot.