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Our DIG Experience


It’s been an exciting couple of weeks as I rev up to the release of Sin or Win. Last week I attended the DIG conference to present the game. The evening was fascinating and there was a lot of buzz going around about Sin or Win. Great feedback too, which was very positive. Toxic Blob's booth was in the middle of the exhibition space, so I had my two big posters showing both the sinning and winning game-play in action. Before long my space was thronged with people milling round (luckily we were right by the bar!), asking questions and most importantly playing the game with anticipation. Players were really getting into the fast paced action and loving the “sin" or “win" aspect of the game. The mayor of London played.  At the conference dinner speech later he shared with everyone that he, like most politicians, was a sinner! Which got a few chortles. He got the highest sinner score of the evening, incidentally. Since then I’ve been fine tuning details and polishing the interface. I can’t believe Sin or Win is soon to be released.

With all the excitement of baby sitters and blue-tack for posters, I forgot my camera. So these are the posters on the floor at Toxic Blob HQ.
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