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Sin or Win has a Website


Sin or Win now has a website, will remain the source for development progress and information on our upcoming projects, while will be the “official” website for our first iPad game.


In exciting development news we’re currently adding Game Center integration. I think we’ve got some pretty exciting achievements lined up.

Not all achievements will be visible initially as I’ve seen how excited people get when playing Sin Or Win and they discover something new is possible. Their faces suddenly brighten and realise other ideas could be tried too. People then start playing creatively and experimenting. This past weekend I watched as two teenagers shared one iPad. Both with fingers flying as they took control of a region of the screen each. They’d shout to the other tips on what they’d discovered was possible. Together they got one of the best beta test scores I’ve seen yet, and showed me a play style I hadn’t imagined. Their enthusiasm drew a crowd of other kids who then also had a go. Having spent months crafting this experience it was wonderful to see such a positive reaction. I can’t wait to see how others react.
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