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Dec 2011

Sin or Win, Thursday December 15th


Sin or Win has a release date! Thursday, December 15th.

It’s been a wonderful journey. Last year, waiting to board a flight home, my wife and I had a germ of an idea - use the iPad’s wonderfully large touch screen to create an experience that could only be played with fingers. No mice, no trackpads. Something tactile and engaging. Something that paid homage to games I loved as a child, but something that was a new experience. Over the months I worked to realise my vision, continuously making small adjustments in response to player feedback.

It’s been a lot of very rewarding hard work. At times the going got very tough, part of me just wanted to abandon the effort. Game development, I learned, is tough. Especially while working solo. Continuously pushing me forward was the wonderful support of my wife, my family and the game community. It’s been incredible meeting so many supportive new friends in the game community.

Version one is complete. Version one point one starts tomorrow. I truly hope Sin or Win is just the start of a fantastic new journey.

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